We Have Some BIG NEWS


This Friday, the Hill’s are moving back to Ottawa, Ontario after eight incredible years in Houston, Texas.

The last five months have been a whirlwind of decision making as we’ve been discerning what to do next.

We decided to move to Ottawa on December 1st and then four strong ministry possibilities with great salaries opened up – three in Houston, one in Los Angeles. Up until this past Friday, we still didn’t know exactly what we were doing.

The thing is, I’ve wanted to start a new church community in Ottawa for 15 years. Doing anything else right now would cause me to wonder “what if”. I don’t want to live that way.

So…we’re going for it.

If all goes as planned, we’ll be arriving in Ottawa on Sunday. We’ll be moving our family of five into my parents basement until we get settled.

We have no jobs lined up (my wife won’t be able to work until she gets a work visa or permanent residency).
We have no denomination.
We have no money.

But we believe the Spirit is leading us to Ottawa to start a unique new community of people where all are welcome and affirmed. Our dream is to help create artistic, liturgical and sacred spaces where questions are not only welcome, but encouraged. We believe church should be a place where you don’t have to check your brain at the door. We’re not here to put on a show. Jesus, who we think is a REALLY BIG DEAL, doesn’t need any spicing up.

We are equally excited and terrified to make the move back to Ottawa and get reacquainted with Canada’s capital city.

Houston has been amazing to us and we are so thankful for all the lifelong friendships we’ve made. Anyone who ever wants to come visit us in Ottawa is more than welcome. Our table is always open.

To those of you who have already asked how you can support us financially, we’re working on getting that set up. We appreciate everyone’s prayers as we embark on this exciting new adventure as a family.

Here. We. Go…

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